Ice cube packaging machine, Tube ice packaging machine

This automatic tube ice cube cup filling sealing and packaging machine is widely used in the food beverage fields, such as ice cube cups, tube ice, jelly, water, juice, Ice cream, yogurt, etc. It can feed cups, fill products and seal cups automatically.
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Application of the tube ice cube packaging machine:

 This Automatic tube ice cup filling sealing machine is widely used in the food beverage fields, such as Ice cube cups, tube ice, round ice, ice ball, shapped ice cubes, jelly, water, juice, Margarine, Ice cream, yogurt, etc. It can feed empty cups, fill products into cups, seal cups with roll film/precut film, and cap the lid, then finish output automatically. The product contact parts are made of stainless steel, which is produced in strict accordance with the food industry hygiene standards; Plastic trays and odd-shaped trays can be customized as a requirement.


Features of the tube ice cube packaging machine:

1. Control system: Omron PLC programmed control system and touch screen, stable and easy to operate.

2. Driven system: Mitsubishi servo system for indexing positioning, high accuracy, and high speed.

3. High-quality components: AIRTECH cylinder and solenoid valve, Schneider sensor, and electronic components.

4. Machine material: It totally made of stainless steel 304 and anodized aluminum alloy, filling system.

5. Sealing material: the machine used plastic reel film or pre-cut aluminum foil to seal the cups, more economical and healthy.

6. Filling system: the filling system uses volumetric cups or multi-heads weigher, which can accurately fill the product. Also quick and easy of filling volume adjustment.

7. The machine’s filling system used clamp-type connectors, and disassembling and cleaning the filling system was speedy and convenient.

8. Optional: 1. closed safety guard with switch; 2. coding system.

9. Special circumstances can be customized according to customer requirements.


Factory design of the tube ice cube packing machine
Basically, an ice cup factory should include 1, Water purifying system; 2, Ice cube/tube ice maker machine with cooling system; 3, Screening machine/Sieving machine;  4, Automatic cup filling sealing and lidding machine; 5, Carton filling & packing system(optional); 6, Conveyor and elevators to connect all the equipment in the production line. 

Video clips of the tube ice packing machine


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