Jar Filling Machine For Cosmetic Cream, Gel, Ointment

This product is mainly used for quantitative filling of cosmetic products (liquid/paste), such as cosmetic cream, and gel, ointment. It is filled by piston type.
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This product is mainly used for quantitative filling of cosmetic products (liquid/paste), such as facial cream and gel, ointment, etc. It is filled by piston type. The pressure filling makes the cream evenly stressed during the filling process. The inflation pressure in the hopper strengthens the fluidity of materials when filling. It is also easy to clean. Through the quantitative filling of the piston, the required capacity can be accurately set, and the error value is small, meeting the customer's production needs.

Scope of application:

Facial cream and other similar materials require pressurized filling. Simple operation, easy to clean, and have a wide range of applications. They are extremely practical and beneficial for a wide variety of users. This model combines mechanical, pneumatic, and automatic devices. Powerful features such as high degree of automation, high output, widely used stability, and popularity.


1. Jar-feeding method: The jar to be filled is manually inserted into a specially customized cup holder and transported to the host.

2. Jar inspection: The photoelectric sensor detects whether there is an empty bottle on the main turntable, and sends the detection signal to the control computer to control the filling of the jars without jar filling.

3. Filling function: If a jar is detected in the front, the PLC controls the filling nozzle into the jar for pressure quantitative filling.

4. Inner plug mechanism: The inner plug is automatically arranged by the vibrating plate, and the inner plug is pressed into the bottle mouth by a mechanical swing arm structure.

5. Cover mechanism: By manually placing the cover into the track, it is detected that the inner plug vacuum capping mechanical swing arm is inserted into the outer cover.

6. Servo cap: The cover is detected. The servo motor controls the torque and rotation speed of the cap to ensure that the cap is tight and the tightness is uniform, and there is no scratch on the surface of the cap.

7. Output of the jar: the step of completing the capping is mechanically ejected.

Machine specifications:

Model FP-GF1/1/1
Filling capacity 2-20ML
Production: 35-40 pcs / min
Filling accuracy  ±1%
Top cover yield ≥99%
Screw cap yield ≥99%
Power supply 380V/50HZ(customizable)
Main power 2.5KW
Dimension: 1500*1500*1750MM
Weight 600KGS

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